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GUINEA UPDATE 4-7-12: ICC Tells Guinea to Get On with 9-28 Prosecutions, UFDG Says CENI Prez’ Hand in the Till, and Conde’s “Phantom” Coalition

April 7, 2012

Oct. 2, 2009, Great Mosque Faycal, Conakry, Guinea:

  Five days after the Sept. 28 massacre, government presented 57 bodies to be identified.  This family had just discovered the body of a relative.  After 2 1/2 years, the massacre perpetrators continue to walk the streets of Conakry.  No justice, no peace.

GUINEA UPDATE – April 7, 2012


ICC Deputy Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, Visits Conakry to Check on Guinea’s “Progress” in Prosecuting Those Responsible for the September 28, 2009 Massacre

Fatou Bensouda, deputy prosecutor, and soon to be head prosecutor, of the ICC was in Conakry this week to check on the government’s progress in prosecuting the case of the September 28, 2009, massacre where over 200 were killed, over 100 women raped, 1,200 injured and an unknown number were disappeared. Bensouda met with government officials and victims of rape. In a press statement, she said if the Guinean government is not able to conduct the prosecution, the ICC will – “there is no third way.” (More on this next week.)


Forty Political Parties Join Alpha Conde’s Party in a New Alliance – RPG-Arc-en-Ciel

 Forty political parties have merged with Alpha Conde’s RPG, creating an alliance called – RPG-Arc-en-Ciel. Arc-en-Ciel was the name of the coalition that supported Alpha Conde in the 2010 presidential election. Guinea Oye is willing to bet that most of the 40 parties have less than five members each.


Cellou Dalein Diallo in Paris to Warn French Authorities that Legislative Elections Will Be a Fraudulent Bust

Opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo, was in Paris earlier in the week and reportedly spoke with French authorities about the Guinean opposition’s concern over the electoral commission’s preparations for the legislative elections on July 8. The opposition continues to call for a restructuring of the CENI because it is not representative of the full political spectrum. The concern about the commission is so serious, the opposition plans a demonstration soon to demand an end to the CENI’s activities.


Guinea Bissau Opposition Forces ECOWAS-appointed Mediator, Alpha Conde, to Replace Himself

 After ECOWAS appointed Alpha Conde to mediate an election dispute in Guinea Bissau, the country’s opposition held a news conference to say that it did not need, nor want, Conde’s help. Now, the mediator, Conde, is in the awkward position of having to choose a new mediator to mediate the dispute for him. Given that the Guinean government says that the new mediator will be a person of high-rank within the government, will the Guinea Bissau opposition be more inclined to want someone of Conde’s choosing? Stay tuned.


UFDG Claims CENI President has His Hands in the Till – Big Time!

 Cellou Dalein Diallo’s party, the UFDG, is accusing CENI head, Louceny Camara of milking the legislative elections budget in order to enrich himself. According to the government’s records, Camara received $30 billion GNF for the elections and has spent $16 billion GNF. The UFDG claims that, without justification, Camara has requested $90 billion more.

 It should be noted that the EU and other members of the international community have been falling all over themselves to give Guinea money for the elections.  After all, this is the time for the international community to put its money where its mouth is.  Over the last several months the EU, UN, IMF, World Bank, etc., have been beating a path to Sekoutoureya Palace to announce that Guinea has made “significant progress” in its march towards democracy. Anyone who knows a lick about Guinea understands that Conde is driving the country towards tyranny.

The international community will consider Guinea finished with its political transition after it holds legislative elections.  When it does, the international community will need to tell one more huge untruth – Guinea is “fully democratic” — music to the ears of investors.  And, the only way to make that day come sooner rather than later, is to dump a lot of money into the coffers of the CENI to organize the elections. The problem is that this money will go in two directions, and neither are good:  CENI head, Camara, will use it to fund massive voting fraud so that  Alpha Conde “wins” a majority in the National Assembly and the rest of the money will go into his pocket. After all, Camara has a felony conviction for election fraud from the 2010 election which makes him a master at theft and deceit. “Fully democratic,” eh?

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