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Guinea Bissau Opposition Says “No Thanks” to Alpha Conde’s Mediation of Election Crisis

April 5, 2012

GUINEA’S 2010 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION:  Alpha Conde’s grand theft

[UPDATE – 4/10:  Alpha Conde has chosen an envoy to mediate the election dispute in Guinea-Bissau.  Francois Louceny Fall, former prime minister, former Guinean ambassador to the UN, former presidential candidate and, presently, Conde’s Minister of State has met with ECOWAS president, Pres. Alhassane Ouattara, and is investigating the situation in Guinea Bissau.]

In Dakar for the April 2, inauguration of Senegal’s new president, Macky Sall, the ECOWAS held a meeting to discuss a dispute in the March 18, first-round presidential election in Guinea Bissau. After determining that there is significant cause to intervene, ECOWAS appointed Alpha Conde to serve as a mediator in the conflict.

 Five of the nine candidates in the Guinea Bissau election contested the results of the first round in an appeal to the Supreme Court stating that at least 22,000 ballots are in question. Former prime minister, Carlos Gomes, Jr., received 49% of the vote and former president, Kumba Yala, received 23%. Yala is leading the call for a cancellation of the first round, saying it was widely flawed. Apparently, Yala and his fellow opposition candidates think Alpha Conde is flawed as well, and held a press conference on Tuesday to say that his mediation services are not needed, nor wanted, in their country.


“We do not think that Conde is capable of finding an ideal solution to the issues we have raised regarding the March 18 elections,” said Kumba Yala, who is supposed to run against Gomes in the second round to be held on April 22, in a press conference held in Bissau on Tuesday.

“We do not want Conde in Guinea Bissau because he is a suspect in the crisis that is currently bedevilling Guinea Bissau,” he added.


After having stolen Guinea’s presidential election in 2010, with the assistance of his RPG party operative and electoral council president, Louceny Camara, isn’t having Conde mediate the election crisis in Guinea-Bissau like inviting the thief to help solve the bank robbery? Sure, he’s knowledgeable about the crime because he committed it himself, but he has no moral authority to guide others to a fair resolution.

 Yala and his fellow opposition candidates know what they are talking about.   Stay tuned!
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