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Guinea Lacks Running Water and Electricity, Yet Bauxite, Gold, Diamond, and Iron Ore Mines are Booming – Articles

April 3, 2012

Guinean students forced to study under the lights at Gbessia-Conakry airport because of lack of electricity at home

As the people of Guinea wait for basic services such as water and electricity, Guinean government functionaries suffer perpetual writers’ cramp from signing one lucrative mining contract after another.  Here are a few mining articles from the last couple of days.

From Africa-Asia Confidential, in-depth coverage of Chinese infrastructure projects and iron ore mining.  Also, insight into the murky world of Guinea’s mining ministry:

Conde Wants Quick Results

From Market Watch, we learn that Strategic Mining Corp. has won renewal for its gold concessions in Siguiri. The Siguiri  Basin contains several producing gold mines including operators Anglo-Ashanti, SEMFRO and Lero:

Strategic Mining Corporation Announces Approval of Siguiri Exploration License Renewal by Guinea Government in Gold Rich Birimian Trend

From Proactive Investors USA-Canada, Guinea’s diamond mines keep on giving and giving:

Stellar Diamonds Reports Maiden Resource for Droujba Shares Rise

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