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Alpha Conde Sending Ethnic Militias to Angola for Training – Guinean Group Asks Pres. Dos Santos to End the “Military Cooperation”

April 1, 2012

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New York 03/27/2012,
To His Excellency, José Eduardo dos Santos
President of the Republic of Angola C/O
Ambassador of Angola in the United States of America
Corroborated information has reported that the government of Guinea-Conakry has sent large contingents of Guinean youth, of the same ethnic group as its president, in your country for the purpose of military training. By this letter, our association would like to draw your attention on the risks posed by this “military cooperation” between Angola and the Guinean government.
The elections that brought President Alpha Conde at the head of the country were marked by violence against the Fulani community of Guinea. This community represents that is the largest ethnic group in the country is also present in many countries of West Africa and Central. After a year of government, national and international opinion has realized that President Alpha Conde continues the tradition of ostracism against Fulani of Guinea, the ethnic group of his opponent in the second round of elections. The Guinean president, in pursuit of an ethnic division that has no justification, is engaged in a systematic ethnic cleansing of security forces. He struck out the ranks a large number of soldiers in order to hire recruits from his ethnic group.
Our association, Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Futa-Jallon, takes this opportunity to call on your Government on the help Angola is providing in “tribalizing “the military apparatus in Guinea. The Fulani community of Guinea does not intend to further put up with the Alpha Conde’s government harassment. Angola, which has experienced the tragedies of a long civil war, can appreciate better than anyone the risks of confrontation that is about to unfold in Guinea. Faced with a government that shows its determination to divide the Guinean nation in order to perpetuate its power, we are coming to you to ask you to use your influence on President Alpha Conde to counter his belligerent plan that could lead to civil war in Guinea.
The relations between Angola and Guinea go beyond personal ties between their presidents. Based on the history of African decolonization, these relations must be grounded on values and the project of a united and prosperous Africa. The Guinean community in Angola is a living example of this African cooperation. They are grateful for the hospitality accorded to them by Angolan people. However, the participation of Angola in the formation of ethnic militias in this country is contrary to the spirit of African solidarity. It is at odds with what the African continent needs to tackle the challenges of poverty and underdevelopment. Militarization and frenzied ethnic attacks against a segment of the population, not only ruin the principles of equality of citizens but it sets the stage for confrontation that will have a negative impact on the sub region of West Africa that is painstakingly recovering from the tragedies in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. It would be unfortunate that Angola and your name be associated with the genocide and mass crimes that the government of Mr. Conde is preparing.
Please accept our respectful greetings.
The Central Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Futa-Jallon

WWW.JUSTICEINGUINEA.ORG Email: -Tel: (718) 879 6697 Fax: (347) 590 4118

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  1. Abrahim jalloh permalink
    April 4, 2012 6:29 AM

    This is a shame to guinea. Whole head of state must support rebelion. I swear to Allah, alpha conde is trying to eliminate the fulani community’ but by God power. He will try till he die, he will never suceed. May Allah guid us from our enemies. Fula we are one, we are united.

  2. May 31, 2012 2:12 PM

    This is a shame.. United we stand and divided we are conquered. Conde’s another puppet for the West to keep Guinea destabilized. Guinea will never benefit from it’s resources so long as Mandika is fighting Fulani. Meanwhile, other nations are waxing rich from the many resources. It’s ridiculous.. Youth need to be trained to build their country and not destroy it.
    May Allah bless us to side-step this potential crisis.

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