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Opposition Rally 3/24: In Spite of Government Roadblocks, Freedom of Speech and Assembly Combine for a Successful Gathering

March 26, 2012

It is unfortunate that the opposition, before it could hold its meeting, had to deal with Conde administration roadblocks designed  to prevent the gathering.  First, there was  the ruse about the mayor of Matam not receiving the opposition’s request to use Bonfil stadium on March 17.  After  security forces prevented opposition supporters from entering the stadium on the 17th, the opposition re-applied to use Bonfil on  March 24.  The Conde government refused this request, but suggested the opposition could use the Coleyah stadium instead, a well-known stronghold of Alpha Conde’s RPG party.

But, the show did go on!  Thousands of opposition supporters gathered in Coleyah stadium, the leaders gave their speeches, and Conde’s security services, while ample in number, kept their distance.

The following pictures (from tell the story.

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