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“When You Work Within the Law, You Are Unassailable,” Says Convicted Felon and Guinea Electoral Chief, Louceny Camara

March 5, 2012

Meet Louceny Camara and Then . . . Keep an Eye on Him

Africaguinee is reporting that Louceny Camara, Guinea’s electoral council chief, has called upon his colleagues to work in compliance with the country’s constitution and electoral code in preparation for upcoming legislative elections. Oh my.  Does Mr. Camara speak so authoritatively about the rule of law because he knows mountains about breaking it?

On October 22, 2010, during the presidential election, Camara was indicted, convicted and sentenced to one year in prison for election fraud for stealing ballots in the first round from 109 polling stations in Ratoma and Matoto, areas of strong support for candidates Cellou Dalein and Sidya Toure. The ballots were found at his home — kind of difficult for him to to suggest plausible deniability. If those votes had been properly counted in the official tally, Diallo would have won the election outright in the first round.

But, this is not all. Camara has a LONG election fraud rap sheet. A summary follows. Also, the last document in this post is a copy of the complaint which Cellou Dalein Diallo submitted to the CENI which chronicles instances of election fraud observed.  Altogether, the amount and variety of fraud committed on Camara’s watch is stunning.

Summary of Louceny Camara Election Fraud Activity in 2010 Presidential Election

While Louceny Camara had been very helpful to “his” candidate, Alpha Conde, in the first round of the election as a member of the CENI, the more delicate second round would require Camara’s felonious expertise at the helm of the CENI. As a result, in September 2010, a plan was hatched to place him as CENI’s president. To accomplish this, the sitting president, Ben Sekou Sylla, had to be removed.  Sylla, not in good health, was often out of the country for treatment. The interim government falsely accused him of fraud, but before he could be brought to court, he died. Then the CENI held an election to fill his office and Camara came out the “victor.” Several members walked out in disgust. Some claim that Camara paid members to vote for him. Shortly thereafter, thirteen members of the CENI signed a petition asking the interim government to remove Camara and replace him with someone with “moral integrity.”

In October 2010, after Camara’s conviction for fraud, things were too hot for him to remain up front.  Guinea was getting pressure to bring in someone from outside to preside over the electoral process. The interim government announced that a Malian general by the name of Siaka Toumany Sangare would oversee the electoral process and serve as acting president of the CENI. Since Camara is never far away from the election throttle, you should not be surprised that he was appointed one of two Vice-Presidents of the CENI.

The following article, which appeared on Guinea Oye on November 13, 2010, shows how election computers were used to commit extensive election fraud in Lower and Upper Guinea resulting in votes for Diallo being transformed to Conde.  As you will see, Camara’s commission of fraud leaves no stone unturned –voter list, ballot box, and tallying all combined to disenfranchise the majority of the voters of Guinea.

GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud

November 13, 2010
tags: CENI, Conde, Diallo, election, fraud, Guinea, Sangare, vote irregularities

Yesterday, in an attempt to influence the system to work in its favor, the Conde campaign dispatched two delegations: one to the president of the CENI, Gen. Sangare, and the other to the president of the Supreme Court. Word is that Sangare was outwardly incredulous about the delegation’s stated purpose for the visit, “a courtesy call.”

The Diallo camp is increasingly concerned about whether the vote tallies for Siguiri and Kouroussa will be annulled as it has asked based on RPG -orchestrated violence in both of these areas prior to the election causing voters to flee. In addition, the fraud in these two areas was extensive on election day. The Diallo campaign called for its supporters to come on the streets today and was able to turn out a crowd of 100,000 people within 30 minutes. Also, the campaign filed a request with the CENI to prevent the proclamation of provisional results to give it more time to present the evidence of fraud. To that end, the Diallo campaign held a press conference to present additional examples of fraud identified including:

-computer messaging (sms) which was used to transmit initial results was pirated by Conde campaign operatives and, using this method, they blocked all results from middle Guinee.

-the computers that were stolen recently which had been configured by the CENI were used to change votes in Lower Guinea. The vote of many Soussous were changed from Diallo to Conde. If you recall, there was much surprise that Diallo did not get the Soussou vote given that “their” candidate, Sidya Toure, is part of Diallo’s alliance. The answer is clear now — many Soussou voted for Diallo but the computer fraud caused the votes to go to Conde!

The following document submitted to the CENI by Cellou Diallo identifies instances of fraudulent activity in the election and it is shocking.



A Bird’s Eye View Into the 2010 Presidential Election Fraud: Diallo’s Campaign Submits Its Complaints to the CENI

The following appeared on the website of KIBAROU today and provides an incredible look into the arrogant and massive fraud committed by the campaign of Alpha Conde. The following is a Google translation from the French with some editing by Guinea Oye!

Cellou Dalein Diallo campaign fraud complaints : UFDG Query to CENI

To date, preliminary results given by the CENI place the candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo in the lead with 53.32% against 46, 68% for Prof. Alpha Conde. However, the Alliance Cellou Dalein President noted with regret the serious irregularities in some districts used to distort the true results of the second round of presidential elections. We deliver this document as UFDG reached our desk.

“Reviewing some irregularities in the election on November 7, 2010 in certain electoral districts

1-Siguiri and Kouroussa:
Subject: Cancellation of the minutes of polling
– Composition of irregular polling stations (absence of assessor representing the candidate DIALLO Mamadou Cellou Dalein delegates and representatives of the UFDG)
– False and usage of false: assessors and delegates appointed by the RPG signed the Minutes on behalf of the candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo. In some of these polling stations, the said assessors and delegates did not even not vote for the candidate Cellou Dalein whom they were supposed to be representing.
– Number of voters exceeds the number of registered voters in many polling stations.
– Misuse of exemption and voting by proxy.
– No signature of some minutes.
– Additions and erasures on the PV
Before the election, premeditated fraud in these two locations by creating a climate of terror against the Fulani community (murder, looting shops and homes of Commerce, burning buildings, beating and verbal introduction of a psychosis of fear), all of which resulted in a mass exodus of members of the Fulani community to other regions, they were accused of being ex officio members UFDG.

Subject: Cancellation of some polling stations.
Reason: several deficiencies.
– Envelopes from 21 polling stations arrived open at the office of the centralization.
– Minutes diverted by the president of the polling station who refused to submit to the centralization of 7 polling stations which have not been taken into account.
– The chairmen of the polling place voted in place of their constituents in 2 polling stations.
– All the minutes of the sub prefecture MADINA OULA were deposited directly to Conakry by persons not authorized to do so and in violation of the centralization process.
– Minutes unsecured for 73 polling stations.
– Minutes irregular (no bubbles, with a single bubble) for 42 polling stations included the centralization process
– Polling station staff annulled 250 ballots.

Subject: Request for cancellation of some polling stations
– Arbitray alteration of the number of polling stations which were assigned previously by the CENI.
– Deliberate refusal to close envelope by the president of the polling station who wasWillful closing the envelope by the president of the polling station who was none other than sub-prefect adjoint.
– Deliberate refusal to seal an envelope
Subject: Request for recount of votes
Reasons: Change in number of votes for two candidates in centralization.
Examples: – at the polling station #103, the candidate Alpha Conde went from 197 at the polling place to 587 votes in centralization.
At the polling station 095-02, the candidate gets 188 Cellou Dalein arbitrarily reduced to 27 during the centralization whereas candidate Alpha Conde, meanwhile, increased from 13 to 34.
At the polling station #095-04, the candidate Cellou Dalein went from 27 to 11 votes and the candidate Alpha Conde from 34 to 151.
Subject: cancellation of fictitious polling
Reason: fictitious polling stations identified and rejected by the computer, then changes in the numbers of said stations by the chairman of the commission to facilitate further consideration in the centralization process (8 polling stations are concerned)
Subject: Request for cancellation of PV some polling stations
– Number of those voting by exemption was more than what was authorized by the CENI.
– Number of ballots found in the ballot box was greater than the number of voters on the voters list.
-Expulsion of a delegate UFDG for 3 and 1/2 hours from his polling station.
– Prohibition of access to polling supervisors appointed by the UFDG while those of the RPG were received
– Abuse and other degrading acts against UFDG delegates at the centralization and imprisonment of one of them to 5pm until 4 am the next day.
Subject: Request for cancellation of the minutes from some polling stations
Reason: found irregularities

Walking around a polling station was a neighborhood leader and a sector leader and RPG supporters carrying around maps, alpha-numeric cards, digital receipts, money to bribe voters with and a lemon to facilitate removal of voting ink and encourage multiple voting.
– Assessors oriented voters on who to vote for by pointing to the picture of Alpha Conde on the ballot.
– Discovery of a parallel electoral roll and strong use of alphanumeri cards.
-Installation of a voting booth in a bedroom.

Subject: Request for cancellation of PV from some polling stations
-A photo of candidate Alpha Conde was in a polling station to influence voters.
-Installation of a voting booth in the lounge of a militant of the RPG.
– Installation of a polling station in the concession of an imam, a member of the RPG
Vote of non-registered voters with receipt or alphanumeric card
-Replacement of UFDG assessors by RPG supporters.
-Multiple voting in violation of the electoral code.

Subject: Request for cancellation of some results of voting stations
Reasons:-Existence of fictitious voting stations: 391 polling stations listed in the field against 328 polling stations before and validated

Subject: Request for cancellation of some minutes
-Exclusion of UFDG assessors in some polling stations.
-Misuse of proxy voting
Moving a ballot box from one locality to another
-Substitution of a district president for the president of the polling station.

Campaign Executive Alliance Candidate of the Alliance Cellou Dalein President
President UFDG

And a final thought. Before the EU left Guinea a few days ago,it announced that it may donate $5 million euros to help with Guinea’s legislative elections.  Just think about the possibilities . . . $5 million euros in the hands of Louceny Camara, an election fraud felon. Guinea Oye! will return to this topic as more information becomes available.

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