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GUINEA – Opposition March 9/27-28: Video Evidence of Vicious 48-Hour Attack on Unarmed Guineans by Military, Police, and Donzos

December 16, 2011

Many are aware that, during the September 27, 2011, opposition march in Guinea, Alpha Conde’s security forces shot, stabbed, and beat unarmed protesters, murdering at least five.  But, many may not be aware that the vicious attacks continued through the evening of  the next day, September 28.  Below is a video that includes scenes from the march and interviews with numerous victims.  After the march, state security forces continued their rampage into the Peuhl neighborhoods of Conakry, attacking men, women and children.

Note that this 19 minute video is interrupted, at least three times by an advertisement, but the video resumes immediately thereafter.  Please note that the video is partly in French and partly in Foulah with subtitles in French.

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