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GUINEA: Tony Blair and Alpha Conde — What a Pair!

December 14, 2011

If you are looking for a former head of state to dig around in the economies and resources of African countries, you cannot do better than Tony Blair.  Under the guise of the African Governance Initiative, Blair just finished a short trip to Guinea and, among other things, delved into discussions about the Guinean economy, promised to bring in more investors, and announced he is all about helping the poor of Guinea.  And, oh yes, he visited with his old friend, Alpha Conde.

In his post-prime minister life,Blair is known as a war criminal with a mounting number of countries he cannot travel to because of possible arrest. A newly published Downing Street letter from September 2002, five months before the Iraq invasion, confirms Blair planned to ignore the advice of his legal advisors and go to war knowing it was illegal.  From the beginning, it was clear that Bush and Blair would work as a tag team, fabricating reasons to go into Iraq, and then commanding military troops to illegally invade the country. The cost? Over 5,000 allied military (or “Coalition of the Willing”) dead and at least 1 million civilian Iraqi deaths.

In fact, as late as this past November 21, Blair and Bush were convicted at a mock trial in Kuala Lumpur of “crimes against peace.” A primary sponsor of the mock trial was Malaysia’s former premier, Muhatir Mohamad,a long time critic of the war and the role played by the US and Britain.

So, if you combine Blair’s criminal resume with Alpha Conde’s commanding Guinean troops to fire upon unarmed opposition members on April 3, commanding military, police, and Donzos to attack unarmed opposition protesters on September 27, and his official practice of ethnic hatred to “re-make” the country, you have two deadly peas in a pod. And, for those who think that Blair’s involvement in Guinea is a good thing because he could influence Conde to operate within democratic standards, think again. Before Blair left, he gave Conde an “at-a-boy” pat on the back for promoting good governance.

Ex-British PM ends visit to Guinea
Updated: 2011-12-14 11:17


CONAKRY – Former British prime minister Tony Blair ended his day-long visit in Guinea to seek closer cooperation with the West African country, the presidency said on Tuesday .

Speaking at a conference jointly organized on Monday with President Alpha Conde, Blair said he was in Guinea to help promote the country’s economy.

Accompanied by some other members of his institution, the Africa Governance Initiative, Blair said he will lobby the international community and other investors to come and invest in Guinea.

He said Guinea has the potentials which will attract investors. The visiting former British prime minister pledged his institution will help improve the daily life of the ordinary Guinean and to redress completely the Guinea’s economy.

Blair praised President Conde for his commitment to curb poverty in Guinea. He said he is very much impressed by President Conde’s zero tolerance against corruption and his move towards promoting good governance in Guinea.

President Conde, for his part, commended Blair for promising to help improve Guinea’s economy, saying he has no doubt that his aim will go through.

It was the second time Blair had visited Guinea this year. In July, he briefly visited Guinea in a bid to introduce his institution to his long-time friend Conde.

The Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative was founded in 2008 and is now operational in Sierra Leone, Angola, Liberia and Guinea.

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