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Guinea: Monday-The Lawyers March in the Streets, Tuesday-Alpha Conde Meets with Opposition at Sekoutoureya Palace

November 13, 2011


Oh my, next week in Guinea will be very interesting and, perhaps, dangerous.

The Lawyers’ Association of Guinea, fed up with interference by the Governor of Conakry and a senior police official in judicial affairs, will hold a protest march in Conakry Monday donned in their black robes.

On Tuesday, the leaders of three parties, two from the opposition, Sidya Toure and Cellou Dalein Diallo, and the other, Moussa Solana, from PUP, will meet with Alpha Conde, who invited them to Sekoutouryea Palace as part of his “periodic consultation with social and political actors. 

This is no consultation; the West is holding a gun to Alpha Conde’s head hoping to make Conde  produces legislative elections that the opposition will not boycott. Tuesday’s meeting will be another instance where Alpha Conde calls in the opposition for a non-meeting, about non-issue. Afterward, the West will herald this as an example of Alpha Conde’s attempt to unify the country.

As a precaution, let’s hope the lawyers wear bulletproof vests underneath their robes and the leaders going to visit Alpha Conde refrain from both food and drink. Anything can happen, especially in Guinea.

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