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In Most Countries, Bah Oury Would Be a Formidable Opponent: In Guinea, Conde Would Like You to Believe He’s an Enemy of the State

October 4, 2011


Each day we receive more news from Guinea indicating that, Alpha Conde, is increasingly desperate. Unable to fight his political opponents on political grounds, Conde has turned his rivals into enemies of the state. The primary victim of this cowardly move is Bah Oury, Vice-President of the UFDG, Guinea’s largest opposition party. On September 26, the court of Dixinn issued an arrest warrant for Bah Oury charging him with being the mastermind behind the attack at Alpha Conde’s home on July 18. Conde said the attack was an “attempted assassination.” Most believe that the attack was orchestrated by Conde, himself, as an excuse to go after his political enemies.

And, this he did. Bah Oury, in a radio interview in the US, said Conde sent “government troops to his house to kill him.” Luckily, he escaped before the troops arrived. The home was ransacked. Bah Oury has been forced to live outside Guinea ever since and is currently in the US. The Conde administration knew exactly what it was doing when it forced Bah Oury to flee Guinea – he is a formidable politician and greatly revered by the people of Guinea. Conde can’t compete.

In his travels outside the country, Bah Oury, is becoming even more popular. In France and the US, he has rallied the opposition movement consisting of thousands of Guineans. He has had successful meetings with the US State Department and members of the US Congress. Conde knows that in these meetings the ugly truth about his administration is being told. Is Bah Oury even more of a challenge to Conde outside Guinea?

It appears so. The warrant drawn up in the court of Dixinn was forwarded to INTERPOL with a request for Bah Oury’s arrest and extradition to Guinea. Bah Oury says, “INTERPOL respects the policy of being neutral and not interfering in internal affairs;” he calls the charges “ridiculous and absurd.”

Conde, presumably, will continue his futile attempts to criminalize his opposition, but no matter what he does, Guineans living inside the country as well as those in the diaspora, know that the opposition movement is getting stronger every day and that Conde cannot stop it.

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