GUINEA’S 9-27 Cover-Up: Disappearing Bodies with Bullet Wounds and Falsifying Autopies

Information from Guinean websites indicates that Donka Hospital is collaborating with the military to disappear bodies that have bullet wounds ( and, according to Cellou Dalein Diallo, autopsies are being falsified to conceal the fact that many deaths were from gunshots fired by government security forces on September 27 (

On September 27, early reports revealed that one opposition supporter had been stabbed and left for dead. This seemed odd in that most deaths by government forces come from the barrel of a gun or the swing of a baton. Later, it was reported that Donzos, or “hunters,” in the employ of Alpha Conde, infiltrated the march dressed as protesters, using knives to attack and kill. Other reports suggest that government forces dressed as Donzos committed attacks with knives on September 27 and later into the evening. One thing is certain, the government is trying to make it appear that government forces were not involved in deaths of members of the opposition and that those killed by “Donzos” or government troops posing as Donzos, were isolated incidents and probably the result of intra-opposition violence! This is a bald-faced lie that reveals the desperation of Conde’s administration.

Now, the truth about government security forces’ murder of unarmed demonstrators comes out. The Director General of Donka Hospital, Hadja Fatou Sikhe Camara is collaborating with the government to deliver all bodies with gunshot wounds to the military which is burying them in unknown locations throughout the capital. All hospital employees have been ordered to cooperate in this cover-up. Unfortunately, families are unable to prepare a proper burial for their loved ones and will never know where they lie.

Disappearing the bodies is one part of the cover-up, but the other is to make sure there is no paper trail. According to Cellou Dalein Diallo, autopsies done on opposition supporters are being falsified to conceal that gunshots are the actual cause of death and that government security forces are responsible.

Obviously, government security forces killed far more opposition supporters over the Sept. 27 -28 time period than originally thought. In addition, whether Donzos or pretend Donzos, all those who killed and wounded opposition demonstrators in the streets of Conakry did so at the request of Alpha Conde.  Now, the government has forged an inhumane collaboration of the military and medical staff at Donka Hospital to erase the evidence and, no doubt, to operate in tandem in the future.


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