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GUINEA: Conde Gov’t. Repression Update 9-30

September 30, 2011

Both Guinean (French) websites as well as English-language news sources were used for this update.  Click on the link above the item to go to the source.  This post will be updated as new information becomes available.



-Today, the government and opposition  are supposed to meet.  The opposition will send two representatives who will read a declaration that will include a requirement that  CENI make no more unilateral decisions concerning the election processes and a demand for the release of all opposition supporters arrested on September 27.


-Secretary-General of the UN, Ban ki-moon, has urged Guinea to allow peaceful protests and to restrict security forces from using excessive force.



-The meeting between the government and the opposition was a bust as most suspected it would be.  The opposition submitted its list of demands concerning release of prisoners, stopping the CENI from doing any further work on the election roll, etc.  PM Fofana said he could not do much about the demands, but he said he would forward the list to the Council of Ministers.



-The Guinean government responded to Amnesty International’s report on the repressive actions taken by the government against unarmed opposition protesters on September 27.  The Guinean government refuted the claims made by AI and issued a detailed government declaration that addresses each AI allegation.

-On Friday 41 of the opposition protesters arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday appeared before a tribunal in Dixinn.  Charges were read out.  Over the next several days, Government attorneys and attorneys for those arrested will argue the cases.

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