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GUINEA: Conde Gov’t. Repression Update 9-29

September 29, 2011

Today, Thursday, September 29, we are learning more about the brutal and deadly attacks against opposition members by mercenaries, Donzos, bandits, etc.  This post will be updated today as more info becomes available.

Most of the following updates come from Guinean websites.



-The two factions of the opposition have decided to combine forces in the fight against the Conde administrations.  The Collective of Political Parties for the Finalization of the Transition and the Alliance for Development and Progress  have issued a joint declaration covering a variety of issues:  the CENI, release of arrested protesters, involvement of the international community, etc.



-The opposition has responded to the government’s request to meet this Friday by saying it will send two representatives who will only be at the meeting to read aloud a declaration to the government.

-In a McCarthy-like test of Guineans’ loyalty, governor of Conakry, “Resco” Camara is threatening to revoke the business permits of all shop keepers who refuse to open their shops on days when the opposition protests or might be protesting.  If they comply with the government demand, they can return to being “patriotic business owners.” (Given that the majority of shopkeepers are Foulah and a majority of them support the opposition, both, by definition could be accused of being disloyal to the State.  Charges of treason can not be far behind.)

-Spokesperson for Conde said that the government does not exclude a postponement of the legislative elections and the government could suggest a new date to the opposition and the  CENI  and decide when to go for elections.



Photo of Donzos celebrating after their rampage through opposition neighborhoods in Conakry on September 27 and 28.


-Amnesty International says that Alpha Conde is using the same brutal methods as his predecessors.

-322 opposition march participants will be brought before a judge on Friday on a variety of charges.

-Alpha Conde has called for a meeting with the opposition and others on Friday, September 30.

-Supposedly, Alpha Conda has just given his approval to set up a factory to manufacture equipment used for crowd control and general repression. This includes batons, riot shields, and tear gas canisters. (Actually, Conde made the decision to manufacture such items of repression well before the recent marches, presumably as part of his “outreach” to the opposition.)

-Speaking from New York, Bah Oury, VP of the UFDG opposition party, warns that the country will end up in civil war if Alpha Conde continues to violate the constitution. In addition, he said that the government is responsible for all the deaths that took place over the last few days.

-The opposition held a press conference yesterday to denounce the brutal attacks conducted the night of September 27 and during the day on September 28 by state security services supported by Donzos against unarmed citizens. Several hundred were arrested. Women and minors were beaten with canes and otherwise injured. Homes were sacked, items were destroyed or stolen. The neighborhoods targeted by security forces/Donzos were Hamdallaye, Bambeto, Cosa and Wanidara – all neighborhoods who support the opposition. At the press conference, the opposition collective presented a declaration in French about these atrocities and future actions of the collective.

UFDG and Opposition Collective

Opposition collective declaration says that the state-sponsored violence against demonstrators is not conducive to negotiations with the government. The Collective asks for the African and International communities to intervene to avoid an ethnic conflict.

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