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Terror in Conakry: Mercenaries, “Hunters,” and Bandits Attacking Foulahs and Opposition Supporters While Conde Calls for Dialogue on Friday

September 28, 2011


[“Donzo” means hunter.  In Guinea, people are classified by ethnic group and by occupation. The Donzos are supposed to be fearless professional mandingo hunters and  good at tracking animals. They believe in supernatural powers which they themselves are supposed to possess. Donzos are a closed clan of professional mandingo hunters but never before have they been hostile to other groups. During the civil war in Cote D’ Ivoire, they were used as trackers. Alpha Conde, in his quest for power, has imported this same concept from there. Now, in Guinea they are being used as his private militia.]

Below is a Google translation of an article that appeared on guineepresse in French late today.  It appears that the groups committing violence consist of mercenaries, bandits, and Donzos or “hunters.”  They are using bows and arrows, machetes, and firearms.   This is a very serious situation.  Conde will say that he doesn’t know who these people are, but you can be certain that he has contracted out a massacre of his fellow citizens on the second anniversary of the 2009 massacre.

 Aminata has an article in French about an opposition press conference that deals with the increased violence in the capital city.  Opposition leaders, who went to the jail to see an opposition member who was arrested yesterday, were insulted and threatened with lynching by the Donzos outside the jail.  Fortunately, the police commander interceded on the opposition leaders’ behalf.

Sorry for the lousy translation below, but it gives a good idea of what is happening.

By the way, Conde’s administration has asked for a dialogue with the opposition and others on Friday, September 30.  The Oppositon collective has not responded as of this writing.

Dispatch of Guinea in Conakry Terror

2011-09-28 21:01:53

Guinea’s capital saw yesterday September 27, 2011 in fear of the power of Alpha Conde. This information comes from official sources and very safe. Of armed men entered the summit of power.

After the day’s peaceful march organized by the Collective of Political Parties for the Completion of the transition hordes of hunters called Malinke Donzos have spread throughout the suburbs of Conakry.

Supported by armed men, probably mercenaries, bandits armed with machetes, bows and arrows, machetes return to their homes. They injure and bastonnent to death. The death toll does not count. They rape girls and women. They plunder and carry away whatever they can. Destroy property: houses, cars etc..

Conde and his government have come from the Upper Guinea Donzos three in addition to those that were already in action in the day on September 27. They would not be less than a thousand today in Conakry.

Conde has entrusted to his militias and mercenaries to hunt the Fulani of Conakry. The day of the September 28, yet proclaimed by the Collective “Day of silence” is another Sept. 28 tragedy. But this time the target is clearly identified, it is the Fulani that must be exterminated. The pogrom was launched and the machine is running.

Right now, Donzos, mercenaries and other armed men, the accomplices of power are in the districts of Bambeto, Coza, Hamdallaye, Cement, Wanindara, Kissosso, etc. Ratoma. In short, wherever there is a Fulani or alleged members and sympathizers of the Collective. They are sowing the horror, terror and death.

Dozens and dozens of young men, battered women who are between life and death are transported to the President of the Union of Democratic Forces (UFDG).

The arrests in the hundreds. Everywhere reigned desolation, looting, targeted arrests and death.

We make a heartfelt appeal to all Guineans who love peace, democracy and freedom to dissociate themselves from Conde and his government. Those who argue on behalf of an ethnic group are wrong because Alpha leave like others before him. Remain in Guinea.

Conde has proven that he was never an opponent. His concern is power. Nothing more. But having ruled by ethnic group, he will go by ethnicity. This, at any cost.
Finally, the Fulani have a legitimate right to defend themselves. They have the right and duty to use every weapon in their possession to protect their lives and their families. Whoever finds them at home will leave your skin as it is, in legal terms, self-defense.

The collective is in conclave at the moment to see what reaction should be made to state violence and dictatorship of Alpha Conde.

Finally, I predict that Alpha Conde will leave only regret in Guinea. The sooner he leaves, will be better Guinea and regain its unity.

Petty Lamarana Diallo

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