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More Info on Guinean Opposition March – Regular Updates Throughout the Day

September 27, 2011

Paramilitary police clash with a bodyguard of opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo, as they detain him after stopping Diallo’s convoy on the way to a protest march in Conakry, Guinea, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011. Several men were arrested before Diallo and his convoy were eventually allowed to join protestors. Paramilitary police Tuesday dispersed an opposition march which was intended to be the first major demonstration since the country’s presidential election last November.  Idrissa Soumare / AP





A little more information is coming through Guinean websites about the march and some injuries.  Guinea Oye! will update this post regularly throughout the day with new information as it becomes available. It appears that after preventing the opposition protesters from entering the Stadium, the state security forces are pursuing protesters into their neighborhoods and, at least in one instance, using deadly force.

As of 8:30PM, EDT

In an interview with the website, Africaguinee, Dr.Fode Oussou Fofana of the UFDG party said that after tomorrow, September 28, the protests will CONTINUE.  It’s a fairly lengthy interview and, if you read French, you might find it interesting. 

As of 6:30PM, EDT

-Human rights groups observing the demonstration, as well as a Red Cross worker, stated that members of the presidential guard, dressed in civilian clothes, infiltrated the protest.  They were observed carrying knives.  One guard said that they were ordered to infiltrate the crowd.  Further evidence of their presence in the protest is that many of those wounded and at least  one person killed had been stabbed.  Earlier in the day a man was stabbed and left to die on the street in Dar es Salaam.

-15,000 Guineans march in Ivory Coast today against the administration of Alpha Conde.  Here are some pics . . .

As of 3:15PM, EDT

There are now four dead protesters.  Opposition leader, Faya Millimono, stated that he, Cellou Dalein Diallo and Mouctar Diallo went to view the bodies of three protesters earlier in the day.  Later it was learned that there was a fourth protester whose body had been placed in front of the office of his political party.    The UFDG says that dozens of protesters have been injured.

-At yesterday’s dialogue meeting, opposition leaders were told that it would be police providing security for the march.  As police forced protesters back to their neighborhoods, more and more military appeared on the streets.  The military used brutal force against the youth, in particular, and even pursued them into their homes.

-Four officials of different opposition parties have been arrested.  Two have been released.

As of 2:30 PM, EDT

-A second opposition protester has been killed by police.  He was slapped and then stabbed repeatedly by gendarmes who left him in the street to die.  The incident took place in the Dar es Salaam neighborhood.

-Opposition leaders have denounced  the aggression exhibited by the gendarmes in various neighborhoods of Conakry.

-Photos of the opposition march, including pictures of those wounded by police.  Go to the UFDG site to view.

As of 12:30PM, EDT

-One young man from Bambeto, in Conarkry, was killed by security forces.  In addition, hospitals are reporting at least 8 other protesters have been admitted to hospitals with gunshot wounds.

-The government is threatening to take legal action against those who organized the unauthorized march.

-Thousands protest against Alpha Conde and his administration in Labe.

-Cellou Dalein Diallo showed up a few hours ago in the neighborhood of Bambeto, where the young man was killed by security forces.  Residents, after several attempts were able to oust a police battalion from one entrance to the neighborhood.

-Mouctar Diallo, a Peul politician who helped organize the Tuesday march decried the police’s actions, saying that they deliberately blocked the movement of people in Peul neighborhoods.: “Yesterday the government promised to ensure the security of our peaceful march, but in fact what we are now witnessing is an assault by the gendarmerie exclusively on neighborhoods that are favorable to the opposition,” said Diallo.

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