VP of Guinean Opposition Party, UFDG, Bah Oury, in New York

According to the UFDG website, Vice-President, Bah Oury arrived in New York Friday evening.  The purpose of his visit is to revitalize the party for future elections. Bah Oury was forced to leave Guinea in early August after government security forces ransacked his house in the wake of the attack on Alpha Conde’s home on July 19.  Conde accused him of being the mastermind of the attack.
A few days ago, after having  jailed 39 people in response to the attack, Conde reiterated his claim that Bah Oury was the mastermind and then threw in the governments of Senegal and Gambia for good measure. Bah Oury has denied all claims regarding his involvement in the incident.  The governments of Senegal and Gambia have denied Conde’s allegations and the people of Guinea are trying to figure out why Conde wants to stir up trouble with its close neighbors.

Conde will be in New York next week for the 66th session of the UN General Assembly.  Perhaps, there, Presidents Wade and Jammeh will have the chance to ask him for proof.

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