Guinea Releases Some UFDG Political Prisoners: International Community Applying Pressure

The Guinean website, Aminata, posted an article today stating that seven members of the UFDG party, arrested and imprisoned on April 3, 2011, when they attended a rally at the airport for their returning leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo, will be released from jail.  While the government is billing this as a magnanimous “kumbayah” gesture by Alpha Conde, it is highly unlikely that this was Conde’s decision.  After Conde’s ridiculous display at the National Democratic Institute on August 1, in Washington, where he said he is “not responsible for human rights” in Guinea and that he “can’t reform the Guinean military to please human rights groups,” Washington politicos realized just how much work they had ahead of them to make a “democrat” out of Conde.

Before Cellou Dalein Diallo’s return to Conakry, Alpha Conde publicly threatened that he would use state security forces to attack supporters if they showed up to greet Diallo.  He was good to his word–  some people were killed and 60-100 were injured.  After such a vicious, pre-meditated attack, Conde is no less sorry now about the incarceration of these men than on the day it happened.

With the pressure from the international community to organize legislative elections, Conde has been told to clean up his act and that a good start would be to refrain from putting opposition party members in jail just because, well, they oppose him. 


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