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The CENI Official Who Stole the 2010 Election for Conde Has Just Been Elected Its President

August 4, 2011

Guinean websites are reporting that Lounceny Camara, the man who stole the 2010 election for Alpha Conde and who committed massive election fraud to accomplish it, has just been elected president of the Guinean electoral commission, known as the CENI.

This news is not surprising and, in fact, it was predictable.  The European Union and the United States are nervous that Alpha Conde has not scheduled legislative elections, yet. In particular, the EU is waiting on Conde to announce a date before it resumes full relations with Guinea.

Camara’s presence at the helm of the CENI may be right on time, that is, if Conde is trying to delay elections. During the 2010 election, the second round was delayed for months precisely because of the controversy over Camara’s continued membership on the CENI after extensive evidence of his election fraud surfaced.  If, indeed, Conde is reluctant to schedule elections soon, Camara’s presiding over the CENI may buy the extra time needed to, well, fix the elections.  Whatever Conde’s strategy is, for the people of Guinea, the next election will mean, just like the last one, that the concept of “free and fair” does not apply.

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