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Guineans Give Alpha Conde Hell Today at White House

July 29, 2011

Even though the temperature in Washington rose to over 100 degrees today, it did not deter hundreds of Guineans, some of whom came from as far away as New York, to let President Obama know that in a land which takes pride in its democratic principles, Alpha Conde represents anything but.  On placards and in chants, Guineans maintain that Conde has been involved in a variety of violent schemes targeting both political opposition and the largest ethnic group in Guinea, the Foulah.  This has resulted in Conde directing his state security forces to intimidate the population through killings, serious injury, the raping of women, and the pillaging of homes.

The protest turned the loudest when Conde arrived at the White House for his meeting with Obama.  The noise produced by protesters should leave Conde’s ears ringing for days.

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  1. halimatou barry permalink
    August 10, 2011 12:36 AM

    i am a guinean girl and i dont think what alpha conde is do right he just want kill the guinean people of their hard working and money and i am foulahni and i am just 9 years old to know about that.

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