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VIDEO: Alpha Conde’s Thugs, “Armed to the Teeth,” Ransack Bah Oury Home, Steal Valubles

July 27, 2011

Below is video footage of the aftermath of the ransacking of the home of Bah Oury, VP of the UFDG, on July 19th by thirty state-supported thugs, armed to the teeth.  In addition to damaging the house, they stole jewelry and other valubles. 

After the July 18th attack on Alpha Conde’s home, Bah Oury was accused of being involved.  As the circumstances of the attack on Conde’s home are studied in more detail, it is increasingly apparent that the attack was staged by him and used as an excuse to round up members of the opposition in order to incarcerate, injure, or kill them.  

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  1. halimatou barry permalink
    August 10, 2011 1:09 AM

    hi im halimatou barry again so why would alpha conde want to ruin guinea and if you know me i am the daughter of mamadou fougoumbah

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