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BREAKING: Guinea Gov’t. Charges Bah Oury, VP of Opposition Party, with Attack on Conde Home

July 23, 2011

English Translation from original French:  Google translation with editing by Guinea Oye!

Original article, “Le gouvernement accuse Bah Oury d’agression,” appeared on Guineepresse.

2011-07-23 16:11:21

English translation version:

The Government Accuses Bah Oury of Assault

2011-07-23 16:11:21

Our sources within the army came to inform us that Alpha Conde and the army are preparing to air, on national television this evening, pictures of soldiers covered in blood who allegedly were victims of an armed attack on the home of Alpha Conde on July 18.  The government is accusing Bah Oury, the Vice-President of opposition party UFDG, of being the mastermind of this attack.  The aim of lodging such charges is to put Bah Oury under arrest in an attempt to intimidate and silence all political opposition in Guinea.

It should be noted that since the so-called armed attack against Alpha Condé, Bah Oury has been missing.  Neither his party, the UFDG, nor his family, nor his friends know where he is.

We alert the international community and institutions of the Republic of the risks to our country in case of persecution, arrest or detention of  Bah Oury. The country is seething about this latest news. The international community must intervene immediately to protect the civil, political and military leaders who have nothing to do with this alleged armed attack. Arbitrary arrests, gratuitous violence, rape and harassment against innocent civilians and military are now done with impunity by uniformed men, armed to the teeth, in the neighborhoods and military garrisons throughout the country. This must stop immediately.

Justice must do its work in complete independence to identify those responsible. But, apparently, Alpha Conde and his regime have decided to use these circumstances to stop all dissent, both military and civilian. This is also the objective of this false coup. But it will not work because the people of Guinea will not be fooled.

The tension is palpable in Guinea and if the international community ignores these developments, it can only aggravate an already critical situation.

The hunting down of Bah Oury and all other politicians must stop immediately, otherwise the risk is high that violence  will invade the country in the next few weeks, or even days to come.


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