Guinea Update 2: Cellou Dalein Diallo Interview with BBC, UFDG Supporters Being Detained

Cellou Dalein Diallo gave a brief interview to the BBC today regarding the attack on the residence of Alpha Conde.  A Google translation into English of his statement follows.  You can read the statement in French on Diallo’s party’s website, Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea.  Other stories on this website state that UFDG party members are being rounded up and jailed and that in particular, Bah Oury, Vice-President of the UFDG, is being sought by authorities. 

Stay tuned.

Brief statement by the Leader of the Opposition following the armed attack on the residence of President of the Republic

Dakar, July 19, 2011
Diallo condemns the attack and urges the authorities to conduct an investigation to identify those responsible.
In a brief interview he gave to the BBC this afternoon, Diallo, President of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) and Senior Leader of the Opposition, condemned the attacks on the home of the President of the Republic.  In answering questions from the BBC, Diallo said he was surprised by these events. “Of course, I was surprised by this act of violence against the residence of Professor Alpha Conde.

“I think you should have competent departments of the administration conduct the investigation in order to identify those who committed this attack as well as the authors of  this violence. ”

Asked whether officials or members of the UFDG were arrested, Cellou Dalein replied: “No. I have no information about the arrest of activists and / or supporters of the UFDG at this point. ”

Subsequently, in response to the question of whether there are fears that this situation could turn into a witch hunt, the Leader of the Opposition said, “We are in a country with its traditions. Maybe there are risks. But, I think we’re in another time and that the authorities will take all steps to carry out, in peace, the necessary investigations respecting the right to try to reach conclusions that are indisputable. ”

Finally, in answer to the question of whether he has any kind of information about the attacks from Conakry, Diallo said, “I have no information, apart from what is broadcast in the media. ”


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