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In An Act of Provocation, Malinke Kill At Least 1,200 Cattle Owned by Peuls in Guinea

July 14, 2011

More than 1,200 cattle killed in Guinea clash between 2 major ethnic groups, residents say

By Associated Press, Published: July 13

CONAKRY, Guinea — Residents of the village of Thiakoro in southeastern Guinea say at least 1,200 cattle were killed in an ethnic dispute in the West African nation.Resident Emmanuel Dabo said an argument broke out last Friday between residents and herders. The Malinke residents told the Peul herders to leave the village, saying the cattle were harming their fields. The herders refused.

Dabo says the Malinke on Saturday set on the cattle with hunting rifles, machetes and bottles of gasoline, killing at least 1,200. He says killings were still continuing this week.

The Malinke and the Peul are the country’s two largest ethnicities, and they clashed violently during last year’s presidential election, which was won by a Malinke politician.

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