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Guinea Headlines: Conde Censors Media, Refuses to Operate Gov’t. Transparently, and Rio Tinto’s Frantic (Worried?) Pace at Simandou

June 26, 2011

Alpha Conde


Guinea ALERT: Three RTG presenters suspended for having sympathies with opposition party

Conde sends three state TV journalists packing with an ominous message.

Guinée ALERT : CNC suspends Les Nouvelles du Pays newspaper for two months

Les Nouvelles du Pays is suspended for 2 months for asking a very good question:  “Is the arrest and subsequent political assassination of Cellou Dalein Diallo imminent?”


No Improvement Yet, Guinea’s Transparency Branch Says

The Guinean chapter of Transparency International is underwhelmed with Conde’s willingness to operate the business of governing in a transparent manner.


Rio Tinto Racing Ahead at Simandou Project in West Africa

Moving fast out of concern that the $700M payment to Guinea to break the contract deadlock might need additional sweetening?

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