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Former British PM Tony Blair Picks Guinea to Participate in His Africa Governance Initiative

June 17, 2011

Blair touts Guinea’s “return of democracy” and Conde’s ability to solve problems as reasons for choosing Guinea to participate.  Actually, Guinea was chosen for the Africa Governance Initiative for the same reason as the other three participants — RESOURCES.  The question continues to be:  How will the AGI benefit the people of Guinea?

Guinea to Join Africa Governance Initiative

Africa Governance Initiative – Guinea will soon join the Africa Governance Initiative headed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and which includes Liberia, Sierra Leone and Rwanda, PANA learnt from well-informed sources here. A team of technicians and advisers of Africa Governance Initiative is expected in Guinea, the only French-speaking country picked for the initiative by Tony Blair and his staff, to help authorities develop and implement government priorities, with a view to attracting funds to development projects. In this respect, Rwandan President Paul Kagame will embark on a ‘working visit’ to Guinea to discuss with his counterpart, Alpha Conde, the benefits of the structure.

‘I was attracted by the vision of the new president Conde for his country. He can help resolve problems with his rigor and also by the return of democracy in Guinea that had experienced a long period of political instability like the other three countries where branches of my structure already settled,’ Blair said.

Mr Blair said his ambition for Africa prompted him to invest in the structure, which aims to promote African countries that are on the path towards democracy.

Pana 17/06/2011

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