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Alpha Conde Makes Move to “Neutralize” His Opposition

April 11, 2011

Guinean President warns trouble makers

Conakry, Guinea – Guinean head of state, Alpha Conde, Saturday warned -trouble makers and those who create disorder- they will henceforth be prosecuted. Speaking with labour unionists, President Conde said -the mess will no longer be tolerated,- adding that he would provide the police and the gendarmerie with “necessary deterrent” means to maintain law and order throughout the nation. About 66 supporters of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), led by Cellou Dalein Diallo, Conde’s main rival during last November elections, who were recently arrested, will Monday appear in court and may, according to a judicial source, serve between two to five  years in prison. On taking office last December, Conde ordered the removal of heavy equipment of the army towards the interior of the country, saying the Guinean Army’s responsibility is to ensure security at the borders, not to maintain order in the city, where several soldiers were accused of participating in the bloody suppression of demonstrators, agitating for democracy in September 2009.

-There will no more be another ’28 September’ in Guinea during my presidency. A national commission on human rights will soon be set up but this will not prevent the law from being enforced with its full weight. The presidential election is over, the time has come to work and not create disorder to discredit my government,- he said.

Welcoming the initiative of the unionists, he urged his -comrades- in the fight for the birth of a rule of law and democracy to help fight corruption, -which has spread its tentacles- in all parts of the country, leading to -a total disruption- that must be eradicated quickly.

Conde warned that even presidential candidates at the last polls would be prosecuted if found guilty of -mismanagement- by a probe panel instituted by the new regime.

-Help me to promote competent, honest and fair managers. I do not know them, because none of them trusted me during my long struggle in opposition, during which I never ceased to condemn the diversion of public funds and the promotion of executives by nepotism,- he said.

He said -we can criticize the first president, Ahmed Sekou Toure (1958-1984) for many things but surely not for embezzlement and looting of national wealth, which he left intact, as well as several plants processing local products.-

Pana 11/04/2011

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