After Guinean Judiciary Was Used to “Anoint” Him President, Alpha Conde Wants to Reform the Judicial System???

Anyone who followed the Guinean elections last year knows that the judiciary was used to “select”Alpha Conde as president in spite of the fact that his opponent, Cellou Diallo, garnered more votes.  Are we to believe that Conde intends to reform the judiciary, or is this a ploy to convince international authorities that a trip to the International Criminal Court (ICC) is not necessary for the perpetrators of the September 28, 2009, massacre and that Guinea will soon have a judiciary capable of handling the prosecutions?

Guinea: Conde promises independent judiciary in Guinea

Conakry, Guinea – President Alpha Condé of Guinea on Monday promised to make the judiciary ‘really’ independent in the country. Moved after watching a 15-minute documentary on the state of the judiciary in the country, President Conde said he would allocate more funds to that sector, promising to make the judiciary free ‘for the first time in 50 years of the country’s independence’. The documentary, which was part of the opening session of a meeting of stakeholders in the judiciary, showed that Guinea judicial officers were poor and prone to corruption. While promising to deal with their plight, President Condé asked magistrates and judges to deal with corruption within its fold with a view to making ‘justice more respectable’.

Conde acknowledged that the figure of 0.05 percent of the national budget allocated to the department of Justice was poor and meaningless.

He said that during his three-day visit to France that ended on Sunday, all the investors he met expressed their concerns about the situation of justice in Guinea.

Also speaking, the Minister of Justice, Christian Sow, said the magistrates’ poor salaries made judicial officials prone to corruption.

Pana 29/03/2011


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