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Hundreds Stranded in Senegal along Guinea’s Partially-Closed Border

December 10, 2010

(AFP) – 9 hours ago

DAKAR — Hundreds of people are stranded without food and water on the Senegalese and Guinean border which remains partially closed after a state of emergency was lifted in Guinea, witnesses reported Friday.

“Many people find themselves at the border without drinking water or food in Mandat Douane (on the Senegalese side of the border). I counted 102 vehicles waiting (to enter Guinea). It’s a disaster,” said Guinean doctor Abdoulaye Keita.

He said the “death of a child” was reported to him, but did not give any details.

Another witness, Alpha Amadou Barry, told AFP there had been “four deaths in four days.”

“More than 80 trucks are stuck in Oundoufondou (on the Guinean side). People are suffering because they don’t have food and water,” said Keita, who was forced to return to Tambacounda in Senegal to await the re-opening of the borders.

Guinea’s frontiers were closed on November 17 when a state of emergency was imposed following violent clashes which erupted when Alpha Conde was announced winner of a disputed presidential election.

Authorities announced the lifting of the state of emergency, but the borders are still to fully open.

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