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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Konate Hospitalized in Morocco, Lounceny Camara Up to Old Tricks, and Thursday is Deadline for Supreme Court Election Decision

November 30, 2010


Guinea Election Update:

General Konate,who left for a medical visit for Rabat, Morocco last week, is reported to be critically ill.  Konate has been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and has gone out of the country frequently for treatement.  Various reports from Guinean webesites state that he is in a coma and has undergone an operation.  He was supposed to have returned to Conakry today, but that will not be happening.

Lounceny Camara, not content with committing massive fraud in the first and second rounds of the presidential election, is trying to manipulate the Guinean Supreme Court  concerning its final decision on the election.   Mr. Camara has been making quite a pest of himself by repeatedly trying to access members of the Court via its spokesman, Robert Guilao.  So far, no luck.  In addition, none other than PM Jean-Marie Dore is reported to have tried on numerous occasions to arrange a meeting  with the President of the Supreme Court, but the judge isn’t returning his calls.

Thursday, December 2nd, is the deadline for the Supreme Court to render its decision regarding the second round of the election.  Between now and then, you might want to keep an eye on seemingly unrelated events unfolding and see if they relate any better by the end of the week:  Konate’s absence due to health problems, border closings, large numbers of Guineans leaving Conakry for other parts of the country for fear of violence in the wake of the Supreme Court announcment, and demotion of a high military officer by Konate, presumably from his sickbed in Morocco.

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