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VIDEO: The Conde-Konate-Dore Attack on the Peul of Siguri

November 23, 2010

While you may not understand what is being said, the pictures tell the story.  This video covers the aftermath of the Malinke siege on Siguiri at the end of October.  The Malinke attacks are the result of a premeditated hoax perpetrated by Alpha Conde’s RPG Party involving  accusations against the Peul ethnic group for being responsible for the poisoning of Conde supporters at a rally.  The story is completely false, but for the RPG and the transitional government, the fictitious poisoning was just a tool to achieve their real goal: use Malinkes in a revenge scenario to attack their Peul neighbors, destroy their property, and force them to flee Siguiri just before the second round poll so they would not be in their voting district on election day to cast a ballot, virtually disenfranchising them.  Many Peul were attacked with machetes and all the businesses were ransacked and looted.  One of many election plots Alpha Conde used to manufacture his own “win.”

At the beginning of the video, you will see a young man who is lying dead on a stretcher. Notice that he has been shot in the neck — a trademark of Guinean “insecurity” forces.  It was reported that in the attack in Siguiri, there were Guinean forces dressed in plain clothes taking part in the anti-Peul violence. 


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