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VIDEOS: Guinean Security Forces Intimidating Young Peul Arrestees

November 20, 2010

In the first video, you will see what appear to be several young teenage Peuls who have been detained by state security forces.  When they are told to remove their shirts, you can see that some of them have been beaten.  Given that a camera was rolling, the security forces settled for humiliating the obviously frightened young boys.  Being in the custody of Guinea’s brutal security forces can be a life or death situation and by the look on the kids’ faces you can tell they are well aware of it. 

In the second video a young teenage boy has his hands tied behind his back as he sits on the floor surrounded by security who kick him and then plant a knife on him.  

God only knows what happened to these kids after the camera quit rolling.  One can only hope that the Konate/Dore transitional government is held to account for these and many other violations of human rights and international law.



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