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Guinea Supreme Court Says Results May Not Come Before Dec. 2! Could This Mean Two More Weeks Under State of Emergency?

November 18, 2010


In a post earlier today, Guinea Oye! expressed concern about the Government’s decision to maintain a state of emergency until the Supreme Court issues election results.  When that post was written the understanding was that the Court would have until next Tuesday to provide results.  After the last three days of state security pursuit of Peuls in which many have been killed and over 215 people have been injured, five more days under the order is unthinkable.  

Unfortunately, it gets worse.  This evening,  is reporting that a spokesman for the Court, Robert Guilao, told an AFP reporter in Conakry that the results could come as late as December 2!  If the Konate government sticks with its promise to maintain a state of emergency until the Court renders its decision, the people of Guinea could be under this order for two more weeks!  This presents a highly dangerous scenario and poses severe consequences for Peuls throughout the entire country.


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