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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Gov’t. Declares State of Emergency

November 17, 2010

France 24 is reporting today that a government decree, read on State TV this morning, declared a state of emergency in Guinea.  This means many, many more military and other state security forces will be deployed throughout the country and the establishment of more checkpoints than you can shake a stick at.

The France 24 reporter said thing are, quite naturally, very tense.  He said, since Monday, 7 people have been killed by the military — all of them Peuls.  He went on to say that the Guinean military, which is largely Malinke, is going into Peul neighborhoods brutalizing people and ransacking homes.

Further, France 24 in its lead-in to the Guinea story, acknowledges for the first time, the concept of fraud by saying that Diallo is calling this a “fraudulent election.”

With Malinkes arming themselves and Guinean miliatry serving as an anti-Peul death squad, the situaion is very critical.

More later.


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