It’s about an hour before the announcement of the results at the Presidential Palace.  Here is the latest:

-Cellou Dalein Diallo has announced he is the winner based on votes he received but were “purged” because of fraud.

-Diallo supporters are in the streets in both Labe and Conakry.  They are throwing stones at the police and the police are largely responding with tear gas.  So far, one protester is dead and dozens are injured.



  1. This cheating is not good for the world, the westen World most do somtings about this curoption, there all watching why Conate have to tafe the result for Alpha, because he think the world tribunal well forget the killing in 2009 and 2010

    Guinean need justice now there are 1000 of people waiting for justice now Dadis Conate all the Army have to go to justice now.

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