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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: More Results and Some Thoughts on the “Election”

November 14, 2010

The CENI issued results from five more prefectures this evening:  Spain, Forecariah, Matoto, Macenta and Koubia.  These latest results gave Cellou Dalein Diallo a small lead — 28, 309.  If you wish to see the details of today’s results, go to GUINEENEWS

Of course, Diallo’s lead would be many times higher than this and Conde’s total would be many times less but state-sponsored fraud and a shameless Alpha Conde joined together to bring the people of Guinea a decidely undemocratic presidential election.  One has to wonder what the widow of a Peul who’s head was nearly cut in two would think about Alpha Conde’s call to take revenge against Peuls in Siguiri and Kouroussa claiming they were responsible for poisoning his supporters — a huge lie concocted in Conakry to vacate Siguiri of its Peul population so they would be too scared to come back home on election day to vote.  And, it worked.  And, in ten years or so, ask any one of the nine children left behind by the murdered man if Guinea-style democracy made a difference in their lives.

Tomorrow in Guinea promises to be a dangerous day.  It is expected that CENI president, Gen. Sangare, will announce the final provisional election results and name the next president.  Supporters of Cellou will no doubt hit the streets either before the announcement or just after.  They will be met with brute military force as the security forces are on high alert and patrolling already at most intersections.  The government has signed a decree banning all protests.  It was under these same circumstances that on September 28, 2009, state security forces massacred Guineans who had gathered at the stadium for an opposition rally and raped dozens of women.  And, just as on September 28, 2009, tomorrow the anti-Peul rage among the military will be palpable.

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  1. Eric Kamara permalink
    November 16, 2010 2:34 AM

    What I have read in this article can not come from a Guinean who has the least love in his heart for Mama Guinea. It is a hate message only intended to tear that country into pieces. If the author has follow the consequences of events that have unfolded in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast for nearly two decades, then he needs to abandon the path hate messages.

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