Hello, Reuters? Can You Spell F-R-A-U-D??

We refer you to the latest campaign advertisement for Alpha Conde that is masquerading as a Reuters article by Saliou Samb.   Mr. Samb mentions the Daillo campaign allegations of fraud in a non-specific and dismissive manner.  Of course, what Mr. Samb does not want his readers to know is that the allegations concern massive fraud involving several prefects with hundreds of thousands of votes at stake.  The Diallo campaign’s list of documented cases of fraud by Conde’s RPG party would make the former king of the Chicago Democratic Party machine, Mayor Daley, rise up from his grave and applaud. 

Don’t know how much money the Conde campaign gave consulting firms to employ Reuters to produce this seemingly endless stream of yellow journalism, but it must be sweet.  Reporters Without Borders?  Hardly.  Samb belongs to a whole new group — Reporters Without Integrity.  And, really, how DOES  he sleep at night?

Race Tightens in Guinea Presidential Run-Off


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