GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud

Yesterday, in an attempt to influence the system to work in its favor, the Conde campaign dispatched two delegations:  one to the president of the CENI, Gen. Sangare, and the other to the president of the Supreme Court.  Word is that Sangare was outwardly incredulous about the delegation’s stated purpose for the visit, “a courtesy call.”

The Diallo camp is increasingly concerned about whether the vote tallies for Siguiri and Kouroussa will be annulled as it has asked based on RPG -orchestrated violence  in both of these areas prior to the election causing voters to flee.  In addition, the fraud in these two areas was extensive on election day.  The Diallo campaign called for its supporters to come on the streets today and was able to turn out a crowd of 100,000 people within 30 minutes.  Also, the campaign filed a request with the CENI to prevent the proclamation of provisional results to ive it more time to present the evidence of fraud.  To that end, the Diallo campaign held a press conference to present additional examples of fraud identified including: 

-computer messaging (sms) which was used to transmit initial results was pirated by Conde campaign operatives and, using this method, they blocked all results from middle Guinee.

-the computers that were stolen recently which had been configured by the CENI were used to change votes in Lower Guinea.  The vote of many Soussous were changed from Diallo to Conde.  If you recall, there was much surprise that Diallo did not get the Soussou vote given that “their” candidate, Sidya Toure, is part of Diallo’s alliance.  The answer is clear now — many Soussou voted for Diallo but the computer fraud caused the votes to go to Conde!


One thought on “GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Fraud, Fraud and More Fraud

  1. S. Mansare

    This is share nonsense. The fulahs are naturally known to have propaganda machine which they have used and continue to use to create fear and make the country degenerate into chaos. As far as the world is consern, the figures read by CENI shows that Pr Alpha Conde is winning all the country side and the CITY, CONAKRY. Diallo is winning ONLY in his Fulah dominated region and one ethnic cannot wine an election especially considering the Guinean population. Let this people if the first place open up to accomodate their fellow Guineans, then they will be seen as people to vote for. Sousous are not fools, and it doesnt mean that since Sidya went, he went with the Sousous, the Sousous wanted Sidya, and since he did not win the first round, adieus the sousous went their way. So go in the streets and see the reactions of sousous. They are comfortable where their votes were casted.

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