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More Results Expected Today (Friday) in Guinea Presidential Race

November 12, 2010

More Results Expected in Close Guinea Presidential Race

Scott Stearns | Conakry 12 November 2010

More results are expected Friday in a close presidential race in Guinea. The vote is meant to return the country to civilian rule nearly two years after soldiers took power.

Election results so far show former prime minister Cellou Diallo leading opposition politician Alpha Conde by fewer than 100,000 votes. Many of the first returns came from areas where Mr. Diallo was expected to do well. The difference in the vote count tightened with the addition of results from districts where Mr. Conde has strong support.

Five days after Sunday’s vote there is still no clear winner. But the country has remained calm with no repeat of the earlier violence between rival supporters that delayed voting.

Electoral commission president Siaka Toumany Sangare says “many more” results will be announced late Friday, dismissing suggestions that the process is behind schedule.

Sangare says Guinea’s Supreme Court has determined that the electoral law’s 72-hour deadline for announcing results begins only when the last vote is received by electoral officials. Because there are still four districts yet to report, Sangare says there is no delay.

Those four remaining results are from embassies in France, Holland, and Belgium, as well as the district of Siguiri.

Thousands of members of Mr. Diallo’s ethnic group were driven from their homes in Siguiri and Kouroussa during pre-election violence. The Diallo campaign wants those results annulled because it says it was unable to post representatives at all of the polling stations there. The Conde campaign says the electoral commission guaranteed the ability of all displaced people to vote by opening special polling stations for them.

Sangare says the commission has not responded to requests to annul those votes because returns from Siguiri and Kouroussa have not yet been examined. He says that will happen Friday.

Electoral commission results reporter El Hadji Koromoa Foumba says he understands voter frustration at waiting for results but says officials are taking the time to do their job properly.

Foumba says the commission needs to be truthful when publishing results instead of rushing to give out figures that will be contested later. He says there will always be people who challenge the results. That is the right of all political parties. But Foumba says the commission wants to release only results it believes in.

The goal now is to have a winner in this contest some time before Monday morning.

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  1. joseph kemoh permalink
    November 12, 2010 1:37 PM

    Guinea most be a very good nation, after elections

  2. M. Kondeh permalink
    November 15, 2010 2:05 AM

    Is the issue here FRAUD or intimidation? The 2 must be separated. the most relevant will be FRAUD if it at all occured. If the FRAUD did occured, the next issue is to present CREDIBLE evidence to the Electoral Commission president, Sangare. Ther evidence must be credible. Some things to thnik about…

    * How did the fraud occured?
    * Who were involved?
    * How did you know they nwere involved and why the representives of Cellou Diallo failed to act at the time of the fraud? Why wait till now if the fraud was so “massive”?
    *Were the displaced Fullani from Siguiri and Kouroussa given the opportunity to vote? if so, did they took the opportubity and make effirts to vote? If no, why not? is it because of personal logistigal reasons or failure of the CENI to provide them an alternative location to vote? On this note. is it reasonable to expect every registered person to vote? if so, did every registered person in Guinea voted in this election? If no, why not?

    * Cellou Diallo must be very careful not to mpresent any false or misleading information to the authorities. Remember, the whole world is closely monitoring this election. Cellou Diallo must not damge his credibility. We all must work and stamped out the 52 years suffering of Guineans and start a new page for the future of Guinea and our children.

    For further clarifcation, you may contact me at:


    Mohamed Lamin Kondeh
    Sydney, Australia

    • November 15, 2010 7:53 AM

      Mr. Kondeh:

      Diallo’s campaign has extensive documentation on how the massive fraud took place, who was involved, when it happened, and who paid for it. Let me address a few of your questions:

      -the Peuls who had to flee from Siguiri and Kouroussa to other parts of the country were promised “special voting stations” by the CENI so they could vote in the towns they fled to — no special voting stations were put in place and many of those who tried to vote were refused. Many others did not go to the polls because of fear. Remember that Conde’s RPG forces used the “poisoning” story to incite violence among Malinkes against the Peuls which caused death, burning of 200 businesses, and thousands forced to flee. It has all been documented. And yes, after the Malinke attack on the Peuls, it was reasonable for them to vote even if they fled to Mars!

      -Rest assured that the Diallo campaign has documentation on how the fraud took place, who was involved, and who paid for it. Of the close to 50 computers stolen from the CENI, most were used to switch votes AFTER the tallies had been received at the CENI The computers were “re-adjusted” by South African computer experts whom Conde met with in SA after the first round. As to who paid for this, the coffers of the transitional government were opened to Conde — there was no financial limitation to the amount of fraud that could be committed.

      -Why did Cellou wait until now? It has only been 8 days since the election and Diallo has been doing what you are demanding of him — documenting, identifying witnesses of the fraud, and putting together a comprehensive case for the CENI. He could not go to the CENI with anything less and that takes time.

      -Finally, when the full story of what happened comes out, I hope you will scrutinize Mr. Conde similarly and write to Guinea Oye! regarding his role in the extensive fraud.

      Thank you for taking the time to write.

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