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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Konate “Convinced” to Stay in Guinea, Paris Ambassador Wants Vote Annulled, and Conde Asks Diouf for Help

November 12, 2010

President, General Konate, under the pretense of health problems, headed to the airport yesterday to catch a flight to Morocco.  Before he could step on the plane, a bevy of national and international figures contacted him to say “not so fast.”  He agreed to forgo the trip, probably after being reminded of his obligation to hold elections and assure a democtatic transition.  While the election has taken place and the results are in the hands of the CENI, the rumor is that the CENI will punt the matter of election disputes over to the Supreme Court.  Konate’s main responsibility now is to sit on the military until things are straightened out.  The question is does Konate see it like this?

The Guinean ambassador in Paris, who orchestrated a voting hell on election day by working closely with RPG operatives to impede Diallo supporters from voting, is now asking that the embassy vote be annulled.  Why, after her hard work, would she do this?  Largely because Diallo won in Paris in spite of the fraud.  Also, Conde, desperate for votes, has just requested that all votes from embassies be nullified in an attempt to erase the Guinea Diaspora vote which heavily favored Diallo.

Alpha Conde contacted President Diouf of Senegal to intercede on his behalf with Gen. Sangare, president of the CENI.  Pres. Diouf is head of the “Francophonie,” the organization which dispatched Sangare to Guinea to serve as the president of the CENI.

Stay tuned!

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  1. S. Mansare permalink
    November 14, 2010 7:24 AM

    What name is Magbana, this is not human name, it is the name of these mini buses that commute Guineans to and fro within the city, Conakry. Stop spreading lies and untrue stories. You are the properganda machines of Diallo. STOP the nonsense now. I know you verl well and can report this to the authorities. You are insiting your Fulahs and this is tantamont to Treason. STOP, if Guines is to progress. You need to be giving out good and unbias news at this point in time.

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