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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: More Partial Election Results and Diallo Campaign Press Conf. Regarding Fraud

November 11, 2010

Today, more partial results were announced by the CENI.  Adding these newest figures, Diallo is still in the lead with 53.31% while Alpha Conde has 46.69.  If interested in the nitty gritty on today’s scorecard, go to AFRICALOG.

Also, today, representatives of Diallo’s campaign held a press conference concerning the massive fraud committed by RPG operatives in Siguiri and Kouroussa on election day as well as the violence committed against Peuls in these areas which caused them to flee their homes.  The representatives registered concern about computer manipulationn in Matoto in which election statistics were tampered with.  Numerous cases of multiple voting by RPG operatives and on, and on.

At the CENI press conferencetoday, Gen. Sangare, reiterated his power to nullify results if ballots are deemed inconsistent with a final tally. The Diallo campaign is asking the CENI to annul the votes in Siguiri and Kouroussa.

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