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LATE BREAKING: Konate Demands CENI Prez Declare Conde Winner – Sangare Refuses – No Results Today

November 9, 2010 is reporting that Pres. Konate summoned CENI president, Gen. Sangare to the presidential palace at 1 am this morning.  When Sangare arrived, he  met with Konate in a room packed with Guinean military soldiers.  Konate told Sangare to declare Conde the winner, Sangare refused, and Konate banned him from holding a press conference today to provide results.

From the beginning, Konate’s mission as president has been to deliver the presidency to the candidate supported by the overwhelming majority of Malinkes — Alpha Conde.  If he is unsuccessful, he will be in great danger of reprisal from his own people and it’s being reported he could take a plane out of Guinea to Morocco if things get hot.

Stay tuned and tighten the seat belt!

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