GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: CENI Holds Press Conference and Issues “Preliminary Results”

Update to this update:  Supposedly the reason more communes or prefectures were not announced in the partial results presentation is because the UFDG has filed a challenge to vote tallies for other communes and prefectures and the CENI decided not to include these challenged vote tallies in today’s announcement.

Based on reporting from, the press conference by CENI president, Gen. Sangare, took place this afternoon.  He apologized to journalists for not being able to make the press conference scheduled for yesterday.

He announced that four people had been arrested for circulating false results and reiterated that only the CENI can announce election results

Sangare then called Pathe Dieng, CENI operations director to the microphone, to give the partial results:

Information was provided for five communes and prefectures, plus the embassies.

Alpha Conde won Kaloum, Dixinn, Coyah, Frian, Boffa, and Maroc.  Cellou Dalein Diallo won most of the vote from the embassies.  The results for the embassies were given.

Guineenews is keeping track of results and you should check their website.

Hmmmmm . . . seems like a very partial presentation of partial results.  The stage is being set for the next chapter.


5 thoughts on “GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: CENI Holds Press Conference and Issues “Preliminary Results”

  1. M. Kondeh

    We will have a very interesting results when the counts from Kankan, Nzerekore, Koroza, Mamou, Laber, Faranah are released. The results from these areas will provide the likely winner.

    1. We all like to see the winer of this Election, because when you want to bee a leader, no need for you to use power on your Nations & kill your people to be come a leade.

      The world watching the Guinean leaders & we all know who will bee the leader for that Election.
      Look at the world wide today all broblems happining in Africa, why African don’t want to live in peace.

      1. All that problem happiend in that Country the World leader ccounting the times & the munit & the second, just to make sure Guinean people live in peace.
        Some of the Guinean leader in don’t want to live the power any more, but that is not goin to happind at all, this time the Guinea people & the hall World need some chagis now.

        The one who going to wine He will bee a had working man, to make the world know that he is the right president, who love his nation not to broutalize your people becase of no law in the Country.

  2. bah

    Guinea has suffered, wer are currently the no 1 in bauxite in the world, but yet elections is problem. i would like to plead with the leaders, konate and the rest pls, help guinea and help ur people, every thing come and go and not even our lives are speared.
    mr konate u gave the world your word to have a free elections and restore the country back to democracy that has not happend since we gained independence from france.
    if you make this possible , u will be called along side the world heroes but if failed , then guinea will have other years of tumoil, which we dont want.
    we want to come , we want to develp our mother land, its only good governance make this possible, pls save the land…………………

    1. Your concerns are very legitimate and the transition government’s handling of the election has been very bad. Guinea risks an ethnic civil war if it continues on this path — shame on those who drive the good, wonderful people of Guinea straight into this disaster.

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