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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: UFDG Website Features Election Results Module Now and Pics of Ransacked Madrid Voting Station and Ballots Destroyed by Conde Operatives

November 8, 2010

For the election results module on theUFDG website, click on Module Centralization  Note that results showing as of midnight EST are for those parts of the Diaspora that have reported in thus far.  No results from voting in Guinea are available yet.

For the pics of the ransacking of the Madrid voting station set up for Guineans, click here.


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  1. mamadu musafullasow permalink
    November 14, 2010 4:52 AM

    les proclamations des resultat son tres duree sa doit etre pendant 72heur mai jus quas present on as rient conprit le president dela ceni ne doit pas ecouter n importe qui par se que la guinnee est dans la crise

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