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GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Voting Problems in Guinea and the Diaspora

November 7, 2010

Late last night the Alliance Guinea site showed 51 incident reports regarding voting problems for Conakry and outer areas alone.  Early this morning the number of incidents reported had risen to 71 and now (at 2 pm EST) the incident reports number 193.

Around Guinea:

The predominant problem appears to be that many voting stations in Conakry do not have enough ballots for all the voters who are registered to vote.  And, the discrepancies are stunning:  For example, at a voting station in Dixinn, of 647 registered voters 447 ballots are missing.  Also, some voting stations opened late, for example one voting station in Ratoma and another in Yimbaya Tanniere had not opened as of 12:30 pm, Guinea time.

In the Diaspora:

France:  A voter went to the Guinean embassy in Paris at 8:30 am to vote and provided the following description of his experience.  When he arrived, a large group of Conde supporters were just returning to the outside of the embassy after casting their votes earlier in the morning.  The Conde supporters remained outside glaring at what was becoming a very large crowd of voters.   Suddenly, the embassy closed its doors at 11am providing no reason.  It reopened 2 hours later.  By this time the line was even longer, but the embassy did not have sufficient staff to handle the number of people.  When he finally entered the embassy and got to thearea to cast his ballot, Conde supporters were there in force giving menacing looks in an obvious attempt to intimidate.  He finally finished voting at 4:30 pm, 8 hours after he had arrived.

Spain:  In Madrid, Conde supporters ripped up ballots and ransacked the voting station.  Police intervened and the station was shut down and re-opened in the early afternoon.

Washington:  The report from Washington is that the line is long as is the wait, but all is calm.

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