GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Another Site for Tracking Results and Voting Problems Have Been Reported

GuineeNews is featuring the module for tracking election results on its home page.  Of course, as of yet, no results have been posted.  (You may wish to check the UFDG site later, as recommended in the previous post, to see if the module has been placed on the site.)

All Guinean websites are reporting calm in Conakry as a large number of voters have turned out for the election.

Alliance Guinea’s Ushahidi site is beginning to receive notice of election day voting problems:

-UPDATE:  GuineeNews is reporting that those displaced as a result of Malinke attacks on Puel, are running into several problems trying to vote in Labe  — election officials tell them they are not authorized to vote.

-Possibly a big problem brewing with not enough ballots at polling stations for the number of voters registered.  For example, in Matoto, one voting station has 865 voters registered but there are only 200 ballots.  Stay tuned.

-In Conakry, there are problems regarding the use of alphanumeric cards versus the receipts for voting.  Today, some voters report that while electoral authorities stated before the election day that  alphanumeric cards were needed to vote, upon arrival at the polls today they were instructed just the opposite —  alphanumeric cards will not be accepted, but receipts are required instead.

-In Mamou, Madina, Ratoma, Soumabossiya there are problems because of incomplete electoral lists.

-Also, problems with lack of voting materials —  such as pens to mark the ballots!  On RFI Afrique this morning, Mme. Camara, Vice-President of the CENI, could be heard castigating poll workers at a voting station concerning the lack of pens.

Guinea Oye! will be back later with further updates.


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