GUINEA ELECTION UPDATE: Ways to Keep One Eye on the Vote and the Other on Those Trying to Disrupt It

-The campaign of Cellou Dalein Diallo will feature an election day module on its website that will provide vote statistics at the sub-prefect level.  You can access the module through the UFDG website (above) from the beginning of voting tomorrow morning until 8pm tomorrow night — Guinea time

-Here is a smattering of reports coming from Alliance Guinea’s Ushahidi website which is cataloguing incidents-events (good and bad)  coming in from all areas of the country.  A sample of some of the problems include: the disappearance of eleven voting stations in Kindia, RPG collaborators continue to threaten and sometimes commit violence in a variety of areas in the country, and there quite a few voting list irregularities stacking up in Conakry.  Check out the website — it is fascinating to watch and will be even more so tomorrow.

-Reports are coming in that among the Conde collaborators being bussed into various areas of the country are POLICE OFFICERS dressed as Conde supporters.



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