Photos: Testimony of Victims Tortured by Guinea Defense and Security Forces on Oct. 23 in Conakry

The following link will take you to the website of the UFDG – Alliance for Cellou Dalein Diallo for President.  The article is in French, but the photos tell the story. 

On October 23, seven work colleagues were at their place of employment in the commune of Ratoma when the green beret presidential guard arrived looking for human rights defender, Aliou Barry, whom the guard had been chasing.  The guard accused them of harboring Mr. Barry and then proceeded to ransack  the shop.  All of them were arrested and transferred to the gendarmerie in Hamdallaye where the torture took place.  As has been reported widely, Aliou Barry, was apprehended and beaten severely by the presidential guard receiving broken arm.

As they were being tortured, their torturers used anti-Peul hate speech and referred to the campaign of Diallo. 

Warning:  the photos are graphic and might be disturbing to some.

Click here to read the testimony of one of the victims and view the photos.


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