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Malinkes on a Rampage in Several Towns Attacking Peuls — International Troops Are Needed Now

October 25, 2010

Over the last 4-5 days there has been a major upsurge in Malinkes attacking Peuls.  Incidents have occurred in Siguiri, Kissidougou, Conakry, Kankan, Kouroussa, N’zerekore, etc.  Some Peuls have been killed, many beaten, and Peul-owned businesses and homes have been ransacked and destroyed.  In Siguiri, Malinkes even pursued their Peul victims into the mosque, beating many of them badly.  As if this was not enough barbarity, add the out of control Guinean security forces and you have a recipe for disaster.

The following picture is of a young Cellou Dalein Diallo supporter who was beaten badly about the face by Malinke followers of Alpha Conde.  Further down is a brief article on the kinds of brutality that have been taking place.

The international community must do the right thing.  First, the electoral commission should not call for the second round election to take place until at least a month from now.  The transition government and the Alpha Conde campaign have saturated the electoral system with all manner of fraud and it is going to take quite a while and a lot of impartial officials to untangle the whole thing.  In the meantime, international troops must be established in Guinea to prevent murder, injury, and theft from taking place.  And rape, cannot be far behind.

Sending Guineans to the polls within a week or two from now means that hundreds of thousands will vote, but their votes will not be counted.  If you think the ethnic conflict is bad now, wait until a fraudulent election crowns the loser as the winner.

Rioting hits Guinea towns

(AP) – 4 hours ago

CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — Members of the Malinke ethnic group rioted in two towns, killing one man and leaving Peul-owned stores in ruins as ethnic violence spread from the capital amid stalled presidential elections.

Tensions are rising in the African nation with a presidential runoff between two candidate — one Peul, the other Malinke — being delayed. The U.N. said last week some of the violence in the capital appears to be ethnically motivated. At least one person was killed and 62 were hurt last week in the capital.

In the northern village of Siguiri, one man was killed by machete-wielding Malinke, a relative of the victim told The Associated Press. Local radio is reporting that stores owned by Peuls in Siguiri and Kankan were vandalized by Malinkes.

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  1. Musa S permalink
    October 26, 2010 2:51 PM

    You come across like a bewildered alarmist. Slow down and take a deep breath. All newsfeeds on this web-site is just pro-Peul. I have yet to see any publication or story that has any scintilla of objectivity in it. But honestly speaking, calling for a UN intervention sounds like using the A-bomb to control an unruly crowd. Slow down, take a deep breath and relax. Election will be conducted free and fair, loser or victor will be declacred and life will go on as usual. It is people like you who sow seeds of discontent and hide behind freedom of speech.

    • October 26, 2010 4:14 PM

      Objectivity is over-rated and I’m not trying to be objective. But, I am being truthful. There is a difference. In Guinea now it’s a bad, lopsided scene with the transition government in bed with Conde’s campaign to steal the election from Cellou. While it may not be to you, that is serious stuff for the people of Guinea and this website. So if you want this site to give Konate, Dore, Conde, etc., a break, you won’t find it here. Also to say, that what is unfolding between ethnic groups is like an “unruly crowd” is an insult to the people who have been killed and severely injured. This was no Saturday night party that got out of hand, this is serious ethnic conflict that has been whipped up by the Conde campaign and Dore and should be dealt with as such.

      Mesi anpil

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