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Sekouba Konate Visits Cellou Dalein Diallo and Orders His Party’s VP, Bah Oury, To Be Taken Into Custody

October 24, 2010

Yesterday, transition president Sekouba Konate and his motorcade, which included several high-ranking military officers, went to Diallo’s private residence, ostensibly for a “chat.”  While there, Konate ordered a military guard to take Bah Oury, VP of the UFDG and frequent spokesperson for the party, into custody.   While taking custody of Bah Oury, the guard roughed him up.  As the guard attempted to put him in a car, a strong protest by neighbors prevented the guard from doing so.  He was released.  Bah Oury was roughed up when he was apprehended.

Not only does the president of the country show up at a presidential candidate’s home and order a guard to take the second-ranking official of the candidate’s party into custody, but the guard has license to rough him up as well?  Add to this the broken arm that Mamou Saliou Barry, president of a Guinean human rights organization, received yesterday from presidential guards and it shows the transition government is willing to commit violence against any high profile Guinean.  

This is becoming more serious by the hour.   The postponement of the election, which was absolutely necessary because of the massive fraud already put in place by the transition government and Alpha Conde’s party, and the lack of a new date has left the people of Guinea in a dangerous limbo.  The international community’s insistence on a free and fair election must include an international plan for protecting the people as well.

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