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Guinea/Ivory Coast: The Obama Administration Has Sent a Top Official

October 21, 2010

Guinea/Ivory Coast: The Obama Administration has sent a top official 

The State Department is encouraging the Ivorian and Guinean leaders to assume their responsibilities to the end. The U.N Special Representative for the Ivory Coast, Mr. Young J. Choi, received the Director of West African Affairs of the U.S. State Department, Mary Beth Leonard, in Abidjan, to discuss the Ivorian electoral process and logistical challenges. Since her arrival, Ms. Leonard met with members of many political parties, civil society and institutions in charge of the preparations for the election. She declared that she has the impression that the Ivorian political actors have done their best and agreed to proceed to the 31st of October so as to finally have this result that the Ivorian people are awaiting. She added that the U.S. government is sharing with them the hope that the process will be peaceful, transparent and free, in order to achieve democracy and provide a solid   foundation for a better future in Côte d’Ivoire. Regarding Guinea, Mary Beth Leonard has invited the political actors to take the full measure of their responsibilities. Personal interests, she said, are less important than the aspirations of the Guinean people.

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